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Department of Applied English

Department of Applied English


In response to the educational goals and economic-trade development of the nation, the program aims to educate and develop language professionals, furnishing them with business knowledge, computer and information application skills, proper work ethics, and a modern global perspective.

Program features

The curriculum and instruction put equal emphasis on English training and business competencies and skills. The language domain integrates cultural literacy and language teaching. The commerce-based, professional training program blends theory and practice, laying a solid foundation for students by means of practical business training and applying information software. Employing instruction media and audio-lingual materials, the instruction process adapts natural, and direct teaching methods to help students acquire listening-speaking abilities as well as upgrade their proficiency level in writing and speaking. Meantime, as experience is the best teacher, students are encouraged to undertake practical training in foreign companies, trade and financial institutions or study overseas.


All faculty members possess a doctoral degree in a diversity of specializations, including English teaching, language education, linguistics, and literature.

Career prospects

In the wake of Taiwan's entry into the World Trade Organization and the introduction of English in the elementary schools throughout the island, our graduates will find the job market more available than ever. They may seek employment in education, trade companies, mass media, travel agencies, the information industry, the foreign service, translation agencies and many other professions. English proficiency tests, graduate study, and civil service exams provide equally bright career paths for those interested and well prepared.